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listening to where you are not 

a walking listening performance over distance

Oscillation festival 2022



may 2022


In this walk we will start together and connect via a joined phone call with my friend Olia Fedorova in Kharkiv. We will then split off and walk in any direction, listening to Olia describing what she hears as she walks in Kharkiv. Somewhere where you are not. Somewhere where the soundscape has radically changed with the war. Does this experience bring that place closer to us? Or does listening to someone's description of the sounds of another place take us there? Please bring headphones and a charged phone with internet connection.

Oscillation Public Address website

→ Olia Fedorova's website

​#listeningtowhereyouarenot #walking #listening #distance #connection #kharkiv #soundsofwar #somewhereyouarenot #soundscape #change #soundsofanotherplace 

bottom right image by Olia Fedorova

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