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a collective walking performance via broadcast

with Pier Projects

funded by Arts Council England

Felixstowe and 25 other port towns 

september-october 2021


I was chosen by residents of Felixstowe who were part of a Community Arts Panel to create a new artwork inspired by walking.

I invited local residents of Felixstowe to share places that inspire them day-to-day or hold special memoriesResponses described the sounds, sights, and feelings they conjure and why they were meaningful. I then sent those to people in other port towns all around the world and asked each of them to respond with a place in their town. 25 exchanges across various port towns took place. 

A newly imagined map formed of personal landmarks was created, sending signals across places, calling and responding, arriving and departing, sending and receiving. The water of the sea became a transmitter of stories and memories, creating portals and intimacies across distance. 

I worked with sound artist Olesia Onykiienko (also known as NFNR) to create a broadcast that can be experienced and listened to anywhere in the world as you go out on a walk, mixing the voices and the locations, the near and far, the presences and absences. Together with artist Uliana Bychenkova we created postcards, which overlay the photographs of the paired towns, creating a visual meeting of these places.

more about the project

register to listen to the broadcast

→ postcards

→ A commissioned text by artist and researcher Gudrun Filipska, ‘Port to Port: Making Connections Near and Far. Transmissions of Care and Collectivity across Liquid Boundaries.’ Read it here

→ exhibition at OCAD University, Toronto

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