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skyline walking 

a collective walking video archive

commissioned by the Urban Night Project

exhibited at Midnight Sun, Black Tower Projects, London 

supported by Leverhulme Trust, Queen Mary University Of London, Royal College Of Art, Theatrum Mundi and the University of East Anglia

june 2021


Skyline Walking is an accumulative video archive. This is an invitation to walk the city skyline at night and contribute to a collective video walk through cities all over the world, from London to Kyiv, from Tunis to Seoul. 

“I like to walk at night. I like to look up and trace the rooftops of the buildings with my eyes. As kids we are often told to look where we are going and mind one’s step. But what if we wonder the streets looking up, walking the up-streets of the city formed by the tops of the city architecture? We often have our phone in hands as we walk, why not use it to see the city from a different angle?”


I invited people around the world to use a smartphone camera to explore this alternative view of the city; to trace the city's rooftops after dark; to walk the city looking down yet looking up; to trace the contour of the rooftops and the ‘upper streets’ formed by them like a maze in the sky. Together we weaved a skyline walk, exploring a similar, yet so different to each city, language of roofs, edges, skies, lamp posts, high rises and nights. 

Seoul / New York / Berlin / Dnipro / Kyiv / Saint Petersburg / South Tel Aviv / Bloomfield, Ontario / Chongqing / Ho Chi Minh City / Mariupol / Vienna / Luxembourg / Helsinki / Copenhagen / Minsk / Tunis / Norilsk / Somerville, MA, USA / Moscow / Esfahan / Bremen / Xiamen / London / Mexico City / Ufa / Rostov-on-Don / Kraków / Gdansk / Prague / Melbourne Naarm / Gelendzhik / Yekaterinburg / Sochi / Lisbon / Graz / Hague / New Orleans / Kharkiv / Kaunas / Marypor / Pamplona / Brussels / Belgrade / Athens / Antigua, Guatemala / Stockholm / Istanbul

Urban Night Project website

Black Tower Projects website

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