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touching with your eyes 

a simultaneous walking score

Unlocked Walks, The Residents Association

may 2020 ​


In this walk I am offering to reflect on touch in the times of the pandemic. On the agreed time and date we all go out for a walk, wherever we are, and join the same Whatsapp group chat. We follow the score: "Go out on a walk. Take photos of all the things and surfaces you would like to touch. But don't touch them".


As the photos start to pour into the chat, a very sensual and collective sensations emerges, even though we are not physically touching anything. 

​#touchingwithyoureyes #touch #selfisolation #scores #scan #trace #textures #collectivewalk #simultaneouswalk #sensations #closeduntilfurthernotice #psychogeographiesofselfisolation #thepandemicisaportal

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