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24-hour sound experience via phone calls

atom (Alisa Oleva + Timothy Maxymenko)

Murmansk, Russia

july 2018

What is a polar day in Murmansk? Why Murmansk has highest suicide rates in russia? What happens to one’s psyche when it never gets dark? What makes seagulls cry all day and night with no rest? A 24-hour phone call service allows one to get lost in the polar day. Anyone in Murmansk could sign up by submitting a phone number to then receive phone calls with soundtracks through the next 24 hours. Some morning sounds you would get at night, some sounds of the night throughout the day, and the seagulls as the basic keynote throughout all 24 hours.

#phonecalls #durational #togetlost #intimacy #soundandthecity #soundmark #soundscape #audioexperience #acousticmemories #polarday #fieldrecordings #artresidency #24/7

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