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Alisa Oleva holds a BA and MA from The Courtauld Institute of Art and an MA in Performance from Goldsmiths. She is based in London.

Alisa Oleva treats the city as her studio and urban life as material, considering issues of urban choreography and urban archeology, traces and surfaces, borders and inventories, intervals and silences, passages and cracks. Her projects have manifested as a series of interactive situations, performances, movements scores, personal and intimate encounters, parkour, walkshops, and audio walks.



​Another Route, supported by Arts Council England, the British Council and Jerwood Arts, 2022-2023


DYOP (Developing Your Creative Practice), Arts Council England, 2021


London Creative Network, Artist Development, Project Part-Funded by the European Union, 2021


Arts Council England Emergency Fund, 2020


1927 Bursaries, Arts Council England, 2020


Chisenhale Dance Space Board of Trustees, since 2021


Chisenhale Dance Space member, since 2018



Selected works: 

​Listening for Change, TO)pot: sound walks festival, CONA, The Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana, 2022


Listening in/Listening out, TO)pot: sound walks festival, CONA, The Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana, 2022


Desire Lines, audiowalks and live performance, Luxembourg, part of Esch2022 European Capital of Culture, 2022


Listening to where you are not, Oscillation Festival, Q-O2, Brussels, 2022


walk - stop - listen - walk again, Oscillation Festival, Q-O2, Brussels, 2022


Port-to-Port, Pier Projects Commission, Felixstowe, 2021


Skyline Walking, Midnight Sun exhibition, collective video collage, Black Tower Projects, London, 2021


​City for her, a walk-action on the International Women's Day across cities, 2021

WalkCreate Gallery, online, 2021


LADA Screens: Walking Home, online screening of Walking Home, LADA, 2021

Aimless sessions Stefanie Knobel, initiated by League of Tenderness, supported by Pro Helvetica, 2021


A walk to the edge, an audiowalk, Something other: On visions - Listening event, Ignota, 2021, online

Walking Home, a walking performance over distance, with Performistanbul and LADA, supported by British Council’s #WomenPowerinCulture Grant Scheme, London/Istanbul, 2020

Walk Collage, a collective walking project, commissioned by Casson & Friends, 2020

Woven Scores, online zine, Woven Network, virtual art-residence, 2020

Safe/Unsafe, a series of two walks with a shared online discussion, Woven Network, virtual art-residence, 2020

Self-isolation scores, a series of scores, as part of the digital group exhibition Ways & Means, Skelf: a virtual project space, 2020

Zoom walk, a collective simultaneous walk via shared Whatsapp chat, Work Hard! Play Hard! 2020

Let me be your eyes on this walk, a one-to-one walk with a phone call, Work Hard! Play Hard!, 2020


Listening points, a one-to-one listening session over a phone at specific locations, Work Hard! Play Hard!, 2020

Touching with your eyes, a simultaneous walking score, Unlocked Walks series, The Residents Association, 2020

Instagram exhibition, Safe Distance Gallery, online, 2020


Tracing the inside, a home performance, Stay LIVE, Performistanbul, online, 2020 ​


View from the window, a session of collective looking and sharing, online, organised by Artsvit gallery, Dnipro, 2020

Imagined Manchester, a guided walk through an imagined city, New Russias festival, Manchester, 2020  

Repeated walk, a collective walk, Work Hard! Play Hard!, Minsk, 2019

Lozhechka, one-to-one action, Work Hard! Play Hard!, Minsk, 2019

Shared sea walks, one-to-one walks, Izolyatsia art residency, Mariupol, 2019

Breadcrumbs, a 24 hours durational performance, Making the EXIT, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2019

Reflections walk, performance, Work Hard! Play Hard!, Minsk, 2018


Please hold, audiowalk, Assembly of Disturbance, Red Gallery, London, 2017

A visit, walking score, Denial as the Leading Principle, Dordrecht, 2017

Simultaneous walk, a psychogeographic collective performance, State Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2017

Ringback tone, audio installation, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, 2017

Group exercises, performance, Work Hard! Play Hard!, Minsk, 2017

You are here, audio guide, Under the Ground of Our Times, Museum of Contemporary Art, Pori, 2017

A song for two, audio installation, Dotyk queer festival, Minsk, 2017 

Shortcut, sound installation, Norilsk, 2017

I will show you Minsk, performance, Work Hard! Play Hard!, Minsk, 2016

40.8, audio walk, GRAD Gallery, London, 2016

Eisenstein's circle, audio walk,GRAD Gallery, London, 2016

Private, in collaboration with photographer Bulat Badamshin, audio walk, Miras Gallery, Ufa, 2015

Map of silences, a soundmap, Dnepropetrovsk, 2015

A silent guided tour, performance, exhibited at Periscope gallery, Salzburg, 2014

The Demolition Project (collaboration with Debbie Kent)

Soundwalk series 2 | private-public spaces, 2021-2022


(Slightly) Relaxed Soundwalks, a series of monthly soundwalks in East London, 2020-2021


The Demolition Project: Dnipro, I was approaching the place which I didn’t know yet, Artsvit, Dnipro, 2021


Meeting places: collective mapping workshop, part of LivingMaps Live, London, 2021

The Shadows, remote performance, Omnibus Theatre, London, 2021


The street: a user's guide, audio walk, Encounter Bow Festival, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2019

A/drift, soundwalk, Secret Rivers exhibition, Museum of London, 2019

The Demolition Project: Leeds, Compass Festival, Leeds, 2018

Blueprint, for ShadowMemory App, Ural Industrial Biennial: New Literacy, Ekaterinburg, 2017

Walkinglab, score, online


Zazerkalye, score for a performance, Artist Borderpanic Compendium, London, 2017


IN/VISIBLE, performance, Camden People's Theatre, London, 2016

Invisible walking, walkshop, Power and Architecture season, Calvert22, London, 2016

The Demolition Project: London, durational performance, Power and Architecture season, Calvert22, London, 2016

Shadow, participatory performance, B_Tour Festival, Berlin, 2015

The Demolition Project: Moscow, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2014

I'm a stranger, participatory performance, B_Tour Festival, Berlin and Belgrade, 2014

ATOM (collaboration with Timothy Maxymenko):

​Radio with Ukraine, fundraiser event at Iklectik, London, 2022


Crossing residency, organized by Artsvit Gallery and PAErsche Aktionslabor e.V., Dnipro, 2021

FAR AWAY DANCE, site-specific audio performance, part of Reveil 2021 by Soundcamp, 2021

Walking next to each other, audio performance for two strangers over the phone, Work Hard! Play Hard!, online, 2020


Left/Right, performance, Crossing, online residency, 2020 


Paper town, a psychogeographic map-making, arebyte gallery, London, 2018

24 ДВАДЦАТЬЧЕТЫРЕ, 24-hour phone call service, Murmansk, 2018

A walk through, a parkour session, Work Hard! Play Hard! Minsk, 2018


Horror Vacui (collaboration with Rotem Volk): 

Pink Coat, Yellow Coat, distant performance, London/Tel-Aviv, 2022

Arrival time unknown, A site-specific intimate audio journey with headphones, taking place on Tram no. 24 in Moscow, Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow, 2019

Tate Keepers, film, Screened at Tate Modern as part of Staff Biennale, Tate Exchange, 2019

Private view, performance, London, 2013



Summer Residencies 2021, Chisenhale Dance Space, 2021


League of Tenderness, Anapa, 2021


Crossing, online residency, organized by Artsvit Gallery and PAErsche Aktionslabor e.V, 2020


Odnushka residency, a one week residency, Novo-Molokovo, Russia, 2019

Place and memory, a one month residency, Mariupol, 2019

24/7, a one week residency exploring the polar day, Murmansk, 2018

Short cut, a one month residency, Norilsk, 2017

Under the ground of our times: (de)construction of collectivity in and through collection, a one week residency, Pori Art Museum, Finland, 2017


B-tour Vilnius, a one month residency in Vilnius, Lithuania with The Demolition Project, 2016

Map of silences, a two weeks residency, Artsvit, Dnepropetrovsk, 2015


Engagement Curator at Pushkin House, London, 2021-present


Production assistant on Um of Water by Amy Sharrocks at Luminato Festival, Toronto

Encounter Bow, a day of outdoor performances and experiences for all ages, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2019

ShadowMemory, a digital app for art routes around London, ArtNight 2018 


Touching with your eyes, a photo essay, Livingmaps Review, 2021

Port-to-Port postcards, commissioned by Pier Projects, 2021


Score #5, for Blake Morris, online, 2021


Traveling in time and space, staying still, Lorenza Peragine, V&A Blog, online, 2021


Letter from: Vorkuta, decaying coal town in the Russian Arctic, Calvert Journal, 2016



Port-to-Port, exhibition at 113Research, OCAD University, Toronto, 2021


The Under Ground, performative walk, part of I was approaching the place which I didn’t know yet, Artsvit, Dnirpo, 2021


Down to the Earth, Saint Petersburg, 2021


Un-boxing, traveling exhibition, The Arts Territory Exchange, 2020


Expo: Walking from Scores, CIVA, Brussels, 2021


Shared Sea Walks and other works from Mariupol, EMERGENCE: Living Heritage / Reframing Memory, Prague Quadrennial, 2020


Selected Press:

Round Table with Alisa Oleva, Bill Dietz, RYBN and David Helbich, moderated by Elena Biserna, Q-O2, Oscillation Public Address, Brussels, 2021

Walking, as part of Paths of (least) resistance, interview for Radio Art Zone, Luxembourg, 2022


Walking from Scores, book, edited by Elena Biserna, 2022


Desire Lines, interview for ARA City Radio, Luxembourg, 2022


Walk With Me: A Performance Artist Adapts to the Pandemic, by Jennifer Hattam, Hyperallergic, 2021

Художница перформанса Алиса Олева — об учебе в Goldsmiths и жанре Walking Art, ZIMA Magazine, 2021 [in Russian]


Walking artist Alisa Oleva: Walk ‘home’ with me, Bianet, 2020

#FriendsFriday 51 - Alisa Oleva, Casson & Friends, 2020


Нестандартные перформансы Алисы Олевой, Mariupol News, 2019


Увеличительное стекло для восприятия города, Your Art, 2019


'I follow a different person every day': using strangers to explore the city, Guardian, 2018

Contemporary Art Moves Out of Moscow The NA RAjONE project brings brings arts to the outskirts, The Moscow Times, 2019


Eisenstein's Circle: Interview With Artist Alisa Oleva, Grad, 2016

Artist talks:


Slow Salon with Alisa Oleva, Pier Projects, online, 2021


Woven session #6 Care and Comfort | Alisa Oleva | Alice Máselníková | ts Beall, online, 2020


Woven Session #2, Alisa Oleva (London, UK), Maria Pronina (Mariupol, Ukraine) and t.s. Beall (Glasgow & Dumfries, Scotland), online, 2020


Sound Pecha Kucha with The Demolition Project, The Bartlett School of Architecture, 2018


Artist talk, Artsvit, Dnipro, 2019


Artist talk, PolArt residency space, Norilsk, 2017


Artist talk: Walk as an Art Strategy, platform for cultural initiatives Izolyatsia, Kyiv, 2016


Artist talk, Artsvit, Dnipro, 2015


Soft parkour & site sensing workshop by Alisa Oleva, Filet, London, 2022


Moving with the City, Walkshop for Chisenhale Summer of Art, London, 2022

Second marker on Creative Social Media Course, Goldsmiths College, London, 2018-present


Walkshop for Desire Lines, Esch-sur-Alzette, part of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture, 2022


'Spacialised Storytelling', video module, 2022


A Listening Walkshop, Oscillation Festival, Q-O2, Brussels, 2022


Walkshop for Desire Lines, Lasauvage, part of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture, 2022


Online lecture on Walking Art, Syracuse University, NY, 2022


Online walk/talk, DPS Tutor Platform talks, Central Saint Martins, 2022


Queer maze: interactive workshop, together with Bahdan Khmialnitski, Pushkin House, London, 2022


Contribution to COVID 19 Responses, OCAD U Library, OCAD University, online, 2021


A deep-listening workshop, Port-to-Port, commissioned by Pier Projects, 2021


Walkshop for Desire Lines, Dudelange, part of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture, 2021


Moving with the City, Open City London, 2021


Sudbury Walking Arts Project, walkshop, Sudbury, 2021


Alisa Oleva: Tracing and Viewing: Walkshops and Urban Geography, Materials and the Anthropocene series, OCAD University, Toronto, online, 2021


Visiting lecturer at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice students , workshop ‘Can we listen with collective ears - together apart’, 2021


Online workshop to MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice at RCSSD, London, 2021


Tracing and Viewing: COVID-19 Isolation and Urban Geography, COVID-19 and the Anthropocene: OCAD U Speaker’s Series, OCAD University, Toronto, online, 2020


Technologies of a walk and the politics of space, online discussion, Assembly, 2020 [in russian]


Walking as a performative medium, online lecture + workshop, part of open call Tools without Rules, RAUM SPACE Festival, Kaliningrad/Berlin, 2020 


Movement and parkour workshop, Trinity Laban, Sabotage series, 2020


Mentoring two-week art residency for young artists, Artsvit, Dnipro, 2019 Three walkshops in Novo-Molokovo, art residency near Moscow, 2019


Lecture on audio walks, Middlesex University, London, 2019 Parkour and urban movement workshop at Summer Dance School, Dubna, 2018


Module for BA students at Architectural School MARSH, Moscow, 2018


Lecture ‘Why walk: walking as an art practice’, State Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2017


Walkshop ‘City and sound’, State Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2017


presenting case study on ‘How to run social media campaigns’, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2017



The Listening Academy, Iklectik, London, 2022


Theatrum Mundi Cohort, 2022


Sunday Skool, VSSL Studio, online, 2021


Artists for Artists (AfA), Politics of Sharing, online, 2021


School of co-existence, TOK, online


Neo-Futuristic Walks, walking lab, Nine Elms, London, 2021


Anti-Racism Training Webinars with Season Butler, online, organised by Chisenhale Dance Space, 2021


Coaching Bursary with Lexi Stevens, 2021


The School of Broadcasting, Arts Catalyst, online, 2021

Salzburg Summer Academy, class of Olga Chernysheva, bursary, 2014

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